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Cytotron Medical Centre

Domlur, Bengaluru

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Murugeshpalya, Bengaluru

The orthopaedics and physiotherapy department addresses the musculoskeletal system, which provides form, support, stability, and movement to the human body. Illnesses relating to the musculoskeletal system result in limited movement, making it difficult to perform everyday functions. Our orthopaedics and physiotherapy department deals with the diagnosis, management, and treatment of problems relating to your bones and muscles. Treatment plans could involve targeted exercises, manual therapy, traction, electro-physical modalities (applying heat, cold, electrical impulses, sound waves,, radiation), assistive devices, prostheses, orthoses. In some cases, we suggest our Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT). We use the patient’s medical history and their self-assessment of pain levels in conjunction with scans and tests, to come to an effective diagnosis. Physiotherapy involves rehabilitation along with the promotion of heath and fitness. Physiotherapy uses gradual exercises targeted at weak muscles to strengthen them and increase movement and mobility, reduce pain, and prevent further injury.