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Common Questions

A malignant neoplastic disease is a disease wherein cells divide rapidly, causing them to form abnormal tissues called neoplasm. These abnormal growths, also known as tumours, can form in any part of the body. In fact, they can metastasize or establish new tumours in other parts of the body through vascular growth.
Lymph nodes are immune system glands that usually enlarge in response to a bacterial or viral infection, but sudden swelling of many lymph nodes may indicate cancer.
Primary osteoarthritis is mostly related to aging. With aging, the water content of the cartilage increases and the protein makeup of cartilage degenerates. Repetitive use of the joints over the years causes damage to the cartilage that leads to joint pain and swelling.
  • Pain: Affected joints might hurt during or after movement.
  • Stiffness: Joint stiffness might be most noticeable upon waking up or after being
  • Swelling
It is an innovative, non-invasive, safe, tissue engineering medical device which applies low spectrum non-ionising radiation to alter the cellular signalling pathways, thereby enabling controlled degeneration and regeneration of tissues.
QMRT is being offered to treat cancer for solid malignant tumours, both primary and metastatic. (breast, thorax, brain, lung, gastrointestinal, etc.) and osteoarthritis of all muscular skeletal joints (knee, hips, spine, etc.).
For cancer, the treatment is for one hour daily for 28 days and for osteoarthritis, an hour daily for 21 days. This is along with supportive therapies like physiotherapy, ayurvedic massage, acupressure and general/specialist medical advice depending on patient’s medical conditions.
Since 2009, Ojus Anytime Medicare has treated over 400 cases of cancer and over 470 cases of osteoarthritis. Our patients for treatment using the cytotron have come both from India and abroad, based on word-of-mouth referrals.