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Coronavirus prevention: How to stop your kid from touching their faces?

Here is a list of ways by which parents can keep a check on the number of times their kids touch their faces and reduce their chances of catching an infection

Point out when they are doing it: Most of the time, your kids are not aware of their habit of touching their faces. Make them aware every time they touch their face.

Distract their hands with something else: Kids are more likely to keep touching their faces when their hands are idle. Keep their hands engaged in fidget spinners or anything else to fidget with.

Keep hair out of their faces: A major reason kids touch their faces is to wipe stray hair from their faces. Make sure shorter hair are trimmed to a comfortable height and long hair is tied back to prevent them from falling on the face.

Make sure they wash their hands: It is not possible to prevent your children from touching their faces at all. Instead, focus on keeping their hands clean and sanitized.

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